Monday, February 5, 2018

Poems by: Lola

Alice Walker
I got shot in the eye,
My brothers told me to lie.
I looked disfigured,
Everybody else just snickered.
I hated this earth.
I hated my birth.
So I began to write,
Through my pain and my fright.
       -Lola Davidson

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Poems by: Lola

We got knickknacks,
We got year-old tic-tacs.
We got half-shined shoes,
We got a ghost that says
I look at all this crud in our yard,
And I know that it will never happen,
But I wish we had money to stay in this house.
My sister is crying because she can't keep her favorite blouse.
I just wish we could stay in this house.
I guess we'll live in the car,
I feel like a fly trapped in a jar.
A single tear falls in my lap
And I wonder...
Will we ever come back.

I'll sell you the world.
But, you must have patience;
The world is always fighting with itself.
The world is hard to take care of;
Its always trashy.
You must also be stern,
For the world never listens.
You must be lenient,
The world has many different opinions.
Maybe I should sell Jupiter,
There are no people there to mess it up.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Poems By:Lola

If I were to protest I would                        
Not care where I go                                    
For I know                                                  
You can’t stop me                                      
For if you scrape my knee,                          
Take away my job,                                  
Make my life hell                                
It will ring-a-bell                                
It will tell me I need to                            
Protest where-ever I go                                
For I will stand for what’s right                          
I will make this world bright!                      
     -Lola Davidson                                      

PIPELINE PROTEST                         
Shoot me with water cannons,
Or rubber bullets
I will screech, but no more than that
But why should I have to?
For I have the freedom of speech
I have not hurt you
But you have hurt me
You have stung like a bee
You have left a deep scar
Like a dent in a car
We could fight back    
And we will
Not by attack
Not a bite, not a scratch
Not even a screech
For we have the freedom of speech!
                  -Lola Davidson                                                                    

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Is It a Bug or Pokemon? Part 2 : )

Sadly, it is not a Pokemon.   However, it is named after a mythical creature, a sphinx.  Have you guessed its name yet? If not, its name is the Sphinx moth or Hawk moth, if you will.   
Pupa !
wasp eggs on hornworm !

We found it in its pupae stage. To be specific, we found it in our garden under the ground. It is in the ground because Horn Worms drop and burrow into the ground. Since we disturbed it, it hatched to early and died. DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I got a little dramatic there. As I was saying, we only had it in its pupae stage. The Sphinx Moth "evolves" from a horn worm or a Tomato Horn worm.  Horn Worms eat grape leaves or tomatoes.   DO NOT READ ON FROM HERE!   If you are still reading I must tell you, sometimes wasps lay their eggs on live Hornworms.  When the wasps hatch, they eat the Hornworm! If it somehow survives the wasps, then it will pupate and become a Sphinx Moth.  A Sphinx Moth sometimes is mistaken for a humming bird; that is why it can also be known as a Hummingbird Moth.  Sphinx Moths come out at dusk.  They especially like to eat the nectar from Virginia Crawlers and other flowers.

I suggest you try to find a Sphinx Moth.  Remember if you find one, come back to this blog for information.  Plus, if you try, you might find a Pokemon in the process. : )


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weird Bug! Part Two

Do you know how I told you about finding a weird bug in the dirt?  Well, it turns out that it was staying warm for winter while it was in its pupae stage.   My family and I found out that it is a Sphinx Moth.

  Other names for the Sphinx Moth are:  Humming Bird Moth and Hawk Moth.  it is called the  Humming Bird Moth because people often mistake it for a Humming Bird.  People think it is a Humming Bird Moth because it’s as big as a Humming Bird.  Do you remember my questions?  Here are the answers to them: The nose-thingy is its’ proboscis for getting the nectar out of flowers.  It is not a relative of a cicada.  It has six legs because it is an insect. We shall never know if it is Male or Female because, it didn’t become a moth.  It is probably dead but Brennan and I think it is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
( Lady scream in the background)  Uh . . . Sorry got a little carried away.   Anyway if it would have emerged it would have been an adult.

   I don’t know all of the secrets about this moth, but you could find out more.  I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to read all of my awesome blogs!  Below are some awesome pictures.  You may see the caterpillar, the pupae, and of                                                                                             
                                                      course the moth. 



By: Lola age 11


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is This a Bug or a Pokemon?Part 1

 You see the picture of this bug? What do you think it is? I,for one, think this is a Pokemon. A Pokemon is a creature that battles other Pokemon. Still, one question remains are Pokemon real? 

We found this bug, well I can't even call this a bug. Let's call it a creature. We found this creature in our garden, under the ground, and in a cacoon.  What it is or how it got there, we don't know. All we know is that it looks like some sort of a moth with a snout, some wings,and a pair of antenna. So, if you have any questions or comments, I say you look them up or you can comment on this bog. I myself have some questions: What is it? What does it eat? and What does it do?  

Do you think it's a  Pokemon or a bug? You should look it up.  

You just read The Five D's homeschool Blog
by: Samuel (age 10)


Weird Bug! Part 1

Hi, this is Lola, one of the Five D's.  Have you ever seen a bug like this? If you have any comments please tell me.  If you can't see the bug clearly, it has a long nose, a cone rear-end, an antenna, and probably has six legs. 
My Mom was outside digging up potatoes, in our garden with my little brothers, Juwan, Lige, and Brennan.  All of a sudden they found this thing in the dirt.  It was in a cocoon; it was also, wiggling it's rear-end.  Brennan took it and put it in a jug with dirt. Brennan accidentally forgot to put holes in the jug.  We thought it was dead, but it turned out that it wasn't dead.  After it emerged from it's cocoon, it died.  We Think! My Mom thinks it is a Lunar Moth, but refuses to let us search it up.  That is why I need your input.  I have some questions myself. Here they are: What is the nose-thingy? Is it a relative of a Cicada? How many legs does it have? Is it Male or Female? Is it dead or alive? (Yes, that is one of the questions.) and Is it young or old?  We need to know what this weird bug is.  Please, tell me what you think. 
             This was done by: Lola (age 11)
This is the bug!  Ew!