Friday, May 11, 2018

My Bow Unstrung; poem by Brennan using anaphora

My Bow Unstrung

We used to hunt buffalo 
On the Great Plains
My bow is unstrung.

We used to build teepees 
And sleep next to the fire,
Under the sky
My bow is unstrung.

We used to catch Elkdogs,
And ride 
through the open Prairie
My bow is unstrung.

Now we look at the wall
That keeps us in.
Our bows are unstrung.

By: Brennan

Lige’s poem using anaphora

I am from God
God made me.
I am from He who is invincible!

Now I am flipping boy in trampoline,
Swinging and spinning in the midst of trees.
Now I am, Sleeping in between my mom and Tati.

I wish I could go on a family trip to Colorado again.
I wish I could visit Romania
I wish...

By: A Lige and Mom collaboration

Juwan’s poem using anaphora

I am from a different family
I have a different birth mom
I am from here.

Now I am here with mom.
I am home
Now I am home flipping on the jumpy trampoline.
I am home riding my bike down the lane,
To the creek,
Collecting the dirty, squishy clay.

I wish we could go back and visit Colorado.
I wish to see the snowy Rocky Mountains,
The river that made me scared.
I wish that God will help my city.

by: A Juwan and Mom collaboration

Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Home Poem by Samuel using anaphora

My home 

I live in the country.
I live were corn grows in fields,
Where prarie grass stretches out like the sea,
And soybeans sprout like rain.
I live in the county 
Where snakes crawl 
And birds fly.
I live where fireflys dance like fire in the nite. 
Where bees hum like jets. 
I live in the country,
That I call home.

By: Samuel

We Should Fight For. Lola’s poem using Anaphora

We Should Fight For

We should fight for, independence.
We may be out of slavery,
But we are still under oppression.

We should fight for, lives.
Everyday children and people die
Because of their governments mistakes,
For things they cannot change alone.

We should fight for, equality.
For people are scared,
To open packages, 
To carry cell phones.
They might blow up.
They might get shot,
All because of the color of their skin.

We should fight for, FREEDOM!

By: Lola 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Juwan’s Lilting Rythm

Bottle Fed Baby Goat:

Waggle my tail!

🌊🧟‍♂️ Sea monster 🌊🧟‍♂️

This is my example of a lilting rhythm.

                      SEA MONSTER