Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dead or Alive Part 1

This bug you are seeing,  is a mystery bug.  We need your help to find out is it alive or dead and what it is.  My family and I found this bug out in the back yard, in our garden, under ground with the potatoes.  Mom told me to put it in a jug with dirt over it.  I forgot to put holes in the lid.  It was in a cocoon, wiggling its butt.  It came out of its cocoon and everyone thinks it is dead.  But I think it is alive.  The snout was long enough to look like a snout of a gigantic moth.  The creature was very hairy.  It is 2 inches long.  These are some questions about this bug. Is it related to a cicada? Is it even a snout? if you have any questions or ideas then come to our blog share it with us.

bug with part of cocoon
by: Brennan age 8

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