Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weird Bug! Part Two

Do you know how I told you about finding a weird bug in the dirt?  Well, it turns out that it was staying warm for winter while it was in its pupae stage.   My family and I found out that it is a Sphinx Moth.

  Other names for the Sphinx Moth are:  Humming Bird Moth and Hawk Moth.  it is called the  Humming Bird Moth because people often mistake it for a Humming Bird.  People think it is a Humming Bird Moth because it’s as big as a Humming Bird.  Do you remember my questions?  Here are the answers to them: The nose-thingy is its’ proboscis for getting the nectar out of flowers.  It is not a relative of a cicada.  It has six legs because it is an insect. We shall never know if it is Male or Female because, it didn’t become a moth.  It is probably dead but Brennan and I think it is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
( Lady scream in the background)  Uh . . . Sorry got a little carried away.   Anyway if it would have emerged it would have been an adult.

   I don’t know all of the secrets about this moth, but you could find out more.  I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to read all of my awesome blogs!  Below are some awesome pictures.  You may see the caterpillar, the pupae, and of                                                                                             
                                                      course the moth. 



By: Lola age 11


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